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Sandoz acquires EBEWE Pharma specialty generics business, improving access for patients worldwide to injectable cancer drugs.


Currently positive negotiations with some new business partners


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Address : Villa 62, 4th Touristic Area, 6 October - Egypt.

Tel : (+202) 38240793 -38240794 -
       (+2) 0122 5913006 - (+2) 0122 5917002

Fax: (+202) 38240795 - (+2) 0122 1933144

E-mail :

Neol group :

is formed by several companies, for more than 15 years a vertical integration process has been taking place among them in order to create what today is a solid group.
Neolpharma Group Products Their main activities are research and development, production, trade and distribution in order to provide final consumers with proven medicines with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.
  Neol pharma group has a portfolio of nearly 200 products including several therapeutic classes such as: psychiatry, neurology, algology, oncology, diabetes, hypertension, dislipidemy, obesity, antivirals, rheumatology, infection diseases and OTC products.
The modern infrastructure that Neolpharma group shares amongst its companies has allowed the group to position themselves as one of the most important corporation in the Mexican pharmaceutical industry with a remarkable growth in recent years.
• Top 5 supplier for the Mexican notional health system(public sector)
• Ranks among top 10 Mexican laboratories in private sector.
• Mexican laboratory with the highest of neurological prescriptions offering the most diverse variety of products in the field.
Psicofarma Lab:

specialized in producing mental health medicines for psychiatry and neurology. Recently new lines for algology and rheumatology have been added under biogenetic division dedicated to high specialty drugs.

Alpharma Lab:

focuses on producing medicines for diabetes, hypertension, dislipidemy, obesity, rheumatology, antimicotics, antibiotics, etc…….
Besides its own products Alpharma has local representation of various laboratories from Europe and Latin America. 

Both laboratories comply with national and international standards such as “industria limpia” (clean industry), “industria segura” (safety industry, good manufacturing practices, quality certification ISO 9000:2001 by Mexican institute of standardization and certification A.C. and the international network to ensure the highest the quality in all final products.